Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Thisworks Perfect look skin miracle

Thisworks Perfect look skin miracle
Origins Vitazing moisturizer was my favorite moisturizer/tinted moisturizer IN THE WORLD for 2 weeks until I realized that it was breaking me out... what a short lived love... It was just a prefect one-step no brainer for lazy days. (some report it can be orangy on their skin, but I have never experienced it. I suggest avoiding excess amount of product) Since then, I have been searching left and right for a dupe.

One day, I ran across my girl crush Lisa Eldridge using this product: Thisworks Perfect Look Skin Miracle. She used it post moisturizer to give a faint color and glow. From the moment I saw, it took me 20 minutes to hunt down the product online and make my purchase. It was expensive. I believe I purchased it around $45 but now I see a website selling for $35!!!

Anyhows, I was sooo excited to try out my new Origins Vitazing replacement as my new moisturizer/tinted moisturizer. However, to my disappointment, Thisworks PLSM did not come close to  Origins Vitazing. PLSM is a skincare addition, not a replacement. PLSM lacked both in hydration and coverage department compared to the Vitazing. It is rather a serum packed with Vitamine E, Vitamin C and Hyluronic acid. It is definitely an awesome product that instantly gives you a slight tan (for fair to light to light-medium skin) and glow (for every skin tone), but not what I was looking for.

However, PLSM still comes in handy when my face get too light compared to my body... haha Since I exfoliate my face and apply SPF to my face religiously, my face is usually off color. And when my body is tan, it does look quite odd! In one of those days, I thinly apply this all over my face (one pump concentrating on the periphery of my face, blending down the neck). This way, I can still apply heavy coverage foundation (with a shade that matches my body) only down the T zone where I need most help. This way, my face and body is still one color, while avoiding the use of heavy foundation all over my face, blending down the neck, etc.

Dewy, glowy periphery of the face (where I am normal/dry) achieved with this product and satin/matte down the T zone (where I am oily) is quite a perfect combo for my skin.
But I still need to find an all-in-one replacement. Please leave comment below if you have a suggestion!

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