Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Theodent toothpaste

Theodent toothpaste
I am not that particular about toothpastes... If they get the job done, awesome.

But I was first intrigued by... mainly the packaging.... it looks like chocolate!! This apparently is a revolutionary toothpaste in a sense that it is fluoride free. Instead, it uses a natural chemical from cocoa bean to get the job done. It is apparently okay to be swallowed! So it could be used by toddlers... Well I do not plan on swallowing any toothpastes and I do not live with any toddlers... but it is still cool to know. Who knows, maybe I will swallow my toothpaste when I am drunk one night. eww Anyways, it avoids the risks of ingesting toxic fluoride which can potentially cause several conditions such as dental fluorosis, skin rashes, etc.

The paste does not foam up. If foamy toothpastes make you gag, you should give this one a try. Also, the cap is kind of hard to take off. You can see in the picture that the cap narrows down at the end. Although there are 2 lines to aid grip, the cap just slides right off between my fingers. So I tend not to push down the cap all the way... and lastly, the is quite $$ for a toothpaste! ~$12 for a toothpaste. yikes. After the tube, I probably will not repurchase. Until I have a toddler that is.

Here is the link I bought mine:

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