Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Clinique take the day off

Clinique take the day off
I do not know why... but I never had any luck with Clinique. Say foundation, eyebrow pencils, etc... I suppose their lip products were okay for me. Maybe it is from the PTSD as the result of the Clinique 3 step system... the toner, specifically.... I think that product should be illegal... Or perhaps it was the face-caked-with-wrong-shades-of-makeup ladies behind the Clinique counter (please do not take any offense. It was just the case of the Clinique counters around where I live. I am sure they are lovely peeps). Anyways, this is the reason it took me (a balm cleanser junky) some time to finally take a leap of faith.

I was so pleasantly surprised! Clinique is known for not using any artificial fragrances to hide the  "chemical" smell from the ingredients. Well the idea is brilliant. But what if the chemical scents make the customers gag? To my surprise, this product was almost orderless. Good enough.

It is also the most economical choice of the three cleansing balm line up. $28.50 for a 3.8oz tub, not too shabby. The product has not separated into oil and solid, unlike the emma hardie cleansing balm. It is a hassle free, not too wallet threatening, and no brainer cleanser for everyday use. It does the job of removing the makeup brilliantly. However, I have not noticed the wow effect of EH and Omorovicza cleansers. And I can only use this product as a cleanser (definitely not a hydrating mask material). Unlike the other two products, I do not want to leave this product on my face any longer than I have to.

However, it is an awesome 1st cleanse product (probably the only practical choice to be used as 1st cleanser... the others are too pricy to quickly cleanse off my face as a 1st cleanse). Especially when I am too tired to double cleanse, this cleanser seems to effectively removed every traces of makeup without any residue (but you must! must! properly remove with warm wash cloth). I am good to slap on my night skincare, go to bed, and still wake up without a single breakout.

Out of the three (Clinique, EH, Omorovicza cleansing balm), this is the first product that I will repurchase when I am out. If I had to choose one product with limited budget, I will choose this product. If a cleansing balm newbby asks for a recommendation, I will recommend this product. Although this product does not have the wow factor compared to the other two, I believe this is the most practical choice for everyday use.

Oh and I just realized that this product was rated as the BEST by paula's choice! yay

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