Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: YSL touche éclat and By Terry touché veloutte. Favorite high end concealers 1

YSL touche éclat and By Terry touche veloutte 

Apparently by the same creator, YSL touché éclat and by Terry touché veloutte share many similarities in terms of packaging. However, touché éclat is a pure highlighter vs. touché veloutte a brightening concealer. Please do not use touché éclat as a concealer and say you hate this product! Because it is truly a lovely product that deserves a lot of love... it is a perfect product to create subtle dimensions on the face. Especially on my flat, Asian face. Yes, you can create dimensions with something like benefit high beam... but please don't even compare... Whereas products like high beam shout out "I have highlighted my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose. oh lala. please look. I am so fancy,"YSL touché éclat can truly fool the eyes as if you have gotten a botox (in a good way of course). However, because I do not go all out with highlighters on a day to day basis... I am more of a contour gal... I don't find myself reaching for YSL touché éclat much. (oh and a lot of us have darkness near our lips, especially under the bottom lip for some reason. this is the product of my choice for hiding those bad boys). 

However, I do reach for By Terry touché veloutte almost daily for my dark circles. It is a strange product... it is so light (liquid) yet offers moderate coverage! This reminds me of Garnier roll on concealer which I also love. I would say that touché veloutte is less coverage but more highlighting than Garnier, perfect for everyday look. I also find that less is more with this product, perhaps due to its highlighting ability. I use "one-click" and little product that comes out is still plenty to cover my dark circles for 2~3 days. Since there is a secure cap, I don't find that product left on the bristle dry overnight. However, because it is soooo tempting to brush a few strokes where I need more coverage on the face, I usually dab a little under eyes and swipe the rest down the bridge of my nose, in the corners of my nostrils, and on the center of the chin where I have the most discoloration. One major downside, however --> it is whopping $58. 

But it is notable that this product contains 0.22oz/6.5ml. 0.22oz people! 
Although it is noticeably more expensive than Garnier (15ml for $13 depending on where you get it), if you compare it to other highlighting concealers in the same family such as Clinique airbrush concealer (0.05oz $19.50), it is actually not toooooo outrageous!

I offing love touche veloutte, if you can't tell!

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