Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Powder. Cannot live without!

This is my favorite morning cleanser. Actually marketed as an exfoliant, it is the product that makes the most difference in my skin care regime. The website says it is "A water-activated enzyme powder of rice bran, papaya + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex". This finely milled powder lathers into semi-creamy-foam when rubbed between palms with few drops of water. When evenly applied and gently massaged on to the face... the experience is... exquisite, for the lack of better word to describe it. The result is even better. When rinsed off after 30 secs~60 secs, what you are left with is a baby's bottom soft skin. You will be amazed. The results are instantaneous. With just one use. I often have to stop myself from wanting to use twice a day, both morning and night. Although I bet this product is gentle enough to be used twice daily, I like to save this product. That is how much I love it!

There are 3 types of this enzyme powder depending on your skin type.

  • Gentle powder (pink) - best suited for sensitive and/or dry skin. contains licorice extract to soothe the skin
  • Classic powder (white) - best suited for combination skin. contains pearl extract to condition the skin
  • Deep powder (green) - best suited for oily skin. contains an anti-acne, anti-inflammatory extract to fight breakouts. 

The Tatcha website says daily use of this enzyme powder satisfies all the skin's exfoliant needs. However, I do also use Paula's choice 1% or 2% BHA morning and night during my toning step as I have quite oily and acne prone skin. Results are fantastic!

Although the purchase is quite an investment: $65, I highly recommend investing in this product rather than purchasing several mediocre, harsh physical/chemical exfoliants that are just going to sit in the back of your skincare drawer. I made my first purchase during Thanksgiving of 2012. After using it daily (on average 6 days out of a week), I still have some left to carry me to the thanksgiving of 2013! Tatcha has a sampler set. Although even the sampler set is not cheap... :( you will be converted!

Since the day I added Tatcha deep rice enzyme powder and Omorovicza deep cleansing mask, I have not gone to get a facial! Why would I if I can achieve better results at home?

More info on Tatcha's web:

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