Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Caudalie beauty elixir

Caudalie beauty elixir
$49 for 3.4 oz $18 for 1 oz

I first bought myself a mini one out of curiosity to see what all the hype was about. At first, I was NOT impressed. Still, I am NOT too impressed. I am convinced that I doesn't do anything to improve my skin. And I dislike the fact that the 2nd ingredient after water is alcohol. Shame on you, caudalie. But until the day they stop making the product (oh god forbids),  I will continue to repurchase. In fact, I currently have 3 bottles of this under my possession. One big bottle next to my desk, one small one next to by bed, and one more in my car. Why??? you may ask.

I am addicted to the experience of this mist. As corny as it may sound, I love the coolness of the fine mist, the scent of the essential oils, and even the ritual of 'stoping for a second, spritz, spritz, and taking a few deep breathes' in the middle of my hectic day. It really calms me down. Unfortunately, the scent does not last long. It disappears within seconds, 10 seconds max. Perhaps it is a good thing since I can see how some people may be quite offended to this strong scent. It smells quite therapeutic and herbal.

Unfortunately, due to its high alcohol and essential oil content (not to mention high price), I try to limit myself to 2~4 spritz per day. So far, this has worked wonderfully in my crazy crazy day.

I have never smoked cigarrattes before... but I imagine this mist and cigarettes have quite the same sensual experience. ahaha

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