Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hi peeps! 
My name is June and I love all sorts of skincare and makeup. 
After many years of watching youtube videos and reading beauty blogs, I finally decided to let myself be out there as well. I am well aware that beauty blogging community is a well saturated one... but since all my passion for makeup/skincare was getting too out of control for me to keep only to myself... I was just not satisfy with my morning and night doses of makeup/skincare as I did my daily routines... I want to talk about makeup. Share what I know about skincare. All the time. 
 I do not think that I will highly advertise this blog. In fact, even if I wanted to, I don't even know where to start! Whether I get one reader, or thousands of readers, I finally decided that I need to start talking about it for my own sake. I hope this makes sense! haha

I am a 24 year old Asian girl living in the midwest. What I do during the day has nothing to do with beauty community, but I spend countless hours reading/learning about makeup and skincare products at night. I love trying new products out of curiosity or based on other peoples recommendation. I have tried and accumulated quite a stash of products over the years. If my trial and error can be a help to somewhere out there, I am thankful!

If you guys can give me comments or feedbacks for this newbie, it will be greatly appreciated!!!! 

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