Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardie amazing face Moringa Cleansing Balm
The very product that opened the world of cleansing balms for me... thou has converted me...

You must understand what this means. I am a freak with my skin. To rub a thick Vaseline like crap all over my face AND rub it off with that rough washcloth??? no ways no ways. Even the thought of using a grainy, physical exfoliant on my face brings chills down my spine. But then how was I converted to cleansing balm + washcloth?

well.... the initial credit goes to After seeing her almost exclusively use this cleanser for months, I decided to finally bite the bullet.

Please excuse my shabby, cracked container. I am really not a fan of this chunky, plasticky doorknob. The lid cracked the first week I started using it. Plus the product started to separate (oil and the balm) within days. Wait... I thought you liked this product... you may wonder.

Yes, yes! I love this product. Despite all the unattractiveness from the outside, I love the versatility of this product. I can use this as a morning cleanser, 2nd cleanser at night (after a quick first cleanse with an oil product), and a hydrating mask.

My favorite way to utilize this product is to use it as a combo of 2nd cleanse + hydrating mask. When I get home at night, the first thing I do is remove my makeup. After a quick oil cleanse, I apply a generous amount of this cleansing balm on my face. I then carry on with my life for a few hours. When I am ready to go to sleep, I massage my face to enhance the circulation to my face, wash it off with a warm washcloth, and apply my night skincare products. The results in the morning = @.@

Although this sounds like a lot, it actually is quite time saving. The initial oil cleanse takes off my waterproof makeup in seconds. And the 2nd cleanse/hydrating masks negates the need for a separate time/product for a weekly hydrating mask. Although I do have many other hydrating masks... hehe... sometimes life gets too busy for conventional hydrating masks! The best part is that I can walk around with this balm on for hours, even for my combo/oily skin. You can definitely control the amount of this balm to suite your own skin type.

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