Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Omorvicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing balm
First things first - This balm is so freaking $$$. 
$105.   Excuse me??? 
Is this worth the spurge?
If $105 for a skincare product is within your budget, heck yes. This is one of the most luxurious, gentle cleansers that will treat your skin as you cleanse. says: "This uniquely natural black balm glides on clear to remove all make-up and impurities without stripping the skin, to leave it radiant, soft and silky-smooth. Amazingly gentle, this balm removes even the most resilient make-up without irritating the delicate eye area. For Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Combination/Normal" 

To add my personal experience, everything they say is true! I have never come across a product that lives up  to the marketing statement! This product does not strip the skin yet leaves the face so clean. You will wonder "why the heck did I wear makeup in the first place" as you realize your face is more radiant as the makeup is taken off your face with this cleanser. This product has very organic scent. It somehow reminds me of grass butter.... haha I am very bad at describing scents. I like the scent of emma hardie cleanser the best. I can see how some people may need an adjustment period for omorovicza thermal cleansing balm. Yet as you use this balm, the process of cleansing your face becomes a ritual. Massaging this silky smooth balm on your face with the odd-yet-relaxing scent, even the those how are rough on their face will start to softly treat your face like a baby. This product is perfect to create spa-at-home. 

I have tried several products from omorovicza including the lip balm, deep cleansing mask, instant plumping cream, night cream, and queen of hungry mist. My favorites of the list are deep cleansing mask, thermal cleansing balm, and the queen of hungry mist. This is definitely a brand with bright future. I really do hope that the company grows to make more superior products. The customer service is one of the best. Let me know if you want reviews for other products. Anyhows, back to the thermal cleansing balm....

If $105 for a piece of skincare product is out of your budget, there is no way ANY pros can justify this product. Yo face is important. But food for yo face should not come before food for yo tummy, clothes for your kids, bills for your living, etc. This product is amazing. One of the most amazing skincare product I have ran into. But this is still no miracle. This product will not make you look 10 years younger. This product will not suddenly turn you into someone who you are not. 

And for those in the middle (including myself)... we are the skincare cray crays. If I spot some skincare product I want but decide against purchasing it, I will dream about it. It sounds silly... but I derive so much pleasure from trying out different skincare products. I do not spurge on bags. I do not spurge on shoes. I do not spurge on cars. My skincare and makeup routines are rituals. Looking forwards to doing my morning routines helps me get up from the bed. If this sounds like you, I think this product is worth the shot. 

Because of the price, I do not use this product to cleanse my face on a daily bases. I will probably use this cleanser one week out of the month. On other days, I will rotate through my 2 other cleansing balms (Clinique and emma hardie) and other oil cleansers. The week I use this cleanser tends to align with the week I am PMSing when I have breakouts. 

I especially enjoy double cleansing my face with this gorgeous balm cleanser to get the full benefits. I give a quick first cleanse with oil or gel (I prefer oil). Then I follow up with my thermal cleansing balm. I massage my face good 3 minutes to get the full skincare benefit from this product. I do not like massaging my face with the first cleanse because I hate the feeling of rubbing all that makeup over my face! 

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