Saturday, October 12, 2013

Favorite Eye Creams

Yes, eye creams. Do they actually do something? I do not know. I guess the only way to tell is for them do conduct a controlled (which is almost impossible in this case) 50 year study following women who used them vs. women who didn't. so yea. good luck with that.

I suppose I can let you guys know in the future, if I do decide to stick with this new hobby of mine, blogging, after comparing my wrinkles with my sister's in 50 years. Whereas I have been using eye creams since I turned 20, my sister does not.

Although I am not completely convince that extra nutritions for your delicate under eye areas do actual any goods, I do believe that your under eye needs to be well hydrated. Can I take a moment here that the best "anti aging" method is to use sun protection? yes, sunscreen under your eyes as well. If it irritates your eyes, wear sunglasses, caps, etc. 

The reason I choose eye creams to hydrate my eyes vs. regular face moisturizer, is because my under eye skin is very prone to develop milia (does annoying tiny white bumps!) when I use wrong products under my eye area. Milia is commonly found in infants and it is known to be caused by excess mother hormones when the infant was in the mommy's uterus! However, adult milia seems to be related to using too rich of a moisturizer on the delicate skin of the eye. I will reserve How to get rid of milia at home for another blog post.

Also, I realized that I can use variety of under eye concealers without it looking caked up if I properly prime the under eye with eye cream. If you want to read more about my top 3 eye creams, stay tuned!

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