Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: RMS beauty un coverup concealer

RMS beauty 'un' cover-up. $36 for .20 oz

This is my feel good concealer. The main ingredient is a coconut oil + other oils that many natural/organic beauty lovers swear by. I too love to incorporate carrier and essential oils into my skincare. Coconut oil, avocado oil, caster oil are my favorite carrier oils. I use it to sometimes cleanse, moisturizer, and treat my skin and not only have I never experienced any break outs due to these oils, I have seen awesome results thanks to these oils.

Back to the review... The reason I say this is my feel good product is that due to its kind ingredient list, you are treating your imperfections as you cover them with this product. The moisturizing ability of this concealer keeps your under eye well hydrated even those busy days you skipped eye cream. I also feel better putting them directly over acne due to the anti microbial property of the coconut oil.

Three negative things to note:
 1. This product comes in a pot. Not the most hygienic packaging.
 2. This is light to medium coverage product that will not cover strong dark circles and hyper pigmentation.
3. You MUST set this product with powder. Not only the dewy finish of the product can initially highlight imperfections even more, the product will not last on your face!!

I still love this product. I use this and By Terry concealer depending on what moisturizer I used (oil based vs. water/silicone based.... A topic that deserves its own post). Points number 2 and 3 can easily be compensated with a powder foundation.

Typically, after an oil based moisturizer, Dab dab under eyes, sides of my nose, my chin, other leftover acne marks, then light dusting of powder foundation (my current favorite is 100% pure powder) for extra coverage and setting. 

If I used a water/silicone based moisturizer, Michael Todd eye cream, then By Terry concealer, then etc.... Again, more on this theory (oil likes oil, water likes water) later.

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